Saccone: Budget Priorities Misplaced

HARRISBURG – Rep. Rick Saccone (R-Allegheny/Washington) today expressed his opposition to a budget proposal that passed the House, saying the plan spends too much and relies too heavily on so-called “sin taxes.”
Saccone issued the following statement:

“The budget passed by the House significantly outpaces inflation and raises taxes at time when Pennsylvania’s economy continues to struggle. Now is the time we should be cutting spending, not expanding government largess. It is outrageous to expect taxpayers in a down economy to do more with less while allowing government to continue growing exponentially.

“Additionally, this budget proposes to balance the state’s checkbook by relying on and promoting the vices of citizens who’ve become addicted to gambling, smoking and drinking. Not only are such revenues historically unreliable, they reflect a callous indifference to the broken lives addiction has left in its wake. The budget could best be addressed if the state would own up to its own problem with addiction – an addiction to spending increases that never seems to be satiated. The priorities of this budget are simply misplaced.”

For more information, visit or A video of Saccone’s floor remarks can be found below:

Watch video of Representative Saccon's Remarks

Representative Rick Saccone
39th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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